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    6 - 10 People

  • 10am-1pm


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  • Dificulty

    This course is open to ceramicists and all interested people (having some ceramic experience is an advantage but it is not mandatory)

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    We offer shared accommodation, subject to availability


Buncheong ceramic and wood firing Workshop

- a traditional Korean technique

Wood fired Buncheong ceramics, a traditional technique from Korea, appeared in the 17th century as a result of a very difficult scenery. When Japan invaded Korea, Japan took away a big part of the porcelain that was found in the area of Buncheong. The remaining porcelain was a precious good and was from then used to hide different quality clays under a thin layer of porcelain, applied with brushes or by immersion, and finished by a thin layer of transparent glaze.

In this intensive course you will learn how to make different kinds of vessels, based on forms of “Moonjar” or “Tsubo” and build on the potters wheel with two half bowls. You will use different techniques of application of englobes typical for Buncheong and Kohiki, as well as practicing other kinds of decoration with iron oxides, white slips or carving.

We will fire together our works in the Sasukenei – Smokeless Kiln, built by the Master Masakazu Kusakabe in Cerdeira in 2015.

You will learn:

  • how to make different types of vessels on the wheel;

  • to explore different kinds of Buncheong decoration techniques;

  • about wood firing and to be an active participant during the wood firing process.

Peter Layton

José Maria Gil . Ceramicist, born in Segóvia/Spain where he lives and works. Graduate at E.O. for Ceramics in Madrid, he divides his time between production of pottery and teaching at a national and international level. In his studio in Segóvia he works specially at pottery, exploring possible and impossible forms and textures. He has a very special passion for wood firing! José Maria is responsible for the ceramic class of the U.A. Madrid.

Álvaro Villamañán Professional ceramicist, works and lives in Fuente el Saz Jarama/Spain, apprenticeship in traditional pottery of Sorbas. In his studio he focusses on pottery, investigating and exploring the universe of Buncheong technique for his ceramic production. Nowadays he prefers wood fired ceramics to get the special effects of natural ash, salt and sea shells. He regularly teaches workshops in Madrid.


  • Offer of accommodation in our shared Residency house with enrolment in the course (subject to availability) or a 10% discount in accommodation with a minimum of 2 nights;

  • *Students may continue to work independently at the studio untill 10 pm;

  • 10% early bird discount if you sign up before March 8th;

  • 3% discount for prompt payment granted;

  • Group meals can also be ordered.