• Capacity

    5 - 10 People

  • 10h-13h


  • Price


  • Dificulty

    For all those interested in this subject, with or without experience in ceramics.

  • Additional information

    The course is held in English. We offer shared accommodation, subject to availability

Ceramics and Nature Course

A different approach to ceramics trough all five senses, an immersion in nature and silence is what we promise for this weeks course.

Observing and tracking one’s own attraction impulse towards details in nature opens up our creative center. If we allow it to inspire us and connect us with our natural sense of harmony, free from prejudice and expectations, we create through our individual sensibilities. We are part of nature.

By walking through nature, we are not looking for inspiration, we search for textures, tools and materials and back to the studio we do our research and testings to choose our raw materials for the objects we want to create.

This workshops gives us a deep insight to the nature of clay, nature and the whole working process in ceramics, from prepatation of materials to the firing at the end.

Participants have the chance to be in nature and create their own collection of ceramic objects.

You will learn

  • the whole ceramic process from preparation of clay to firing;

  • a new way to see nature with all your senses.

Peter Layton

Lidia Boševski
Ceramicist, painter and product designer

Lidia graduated from School of Applied Arts in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1979. In the first years of her career she developed an intensive activity around textile art, combining painting and batik. Since 2002 she focuses on ceramics and design. In her OWL studio she works since 2005 on ceramics a research of new approaches and materials.

Lidia has participated in numerous exhibitions since that, not only in Croatia but in Italy, OK, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Japan. Her current work is very much inspired by nature and natural forms, the reason we challenged her to share her ideas with us. We are happy to have her with us in Cerdeira teaching one of our summer courses.



  • Schedule: 10 am-1 pm; 3 pm-6 pm*

    *participants can continue to work in the studio independently until 10pm;

  • The course is held in English;

  • Offer of accommodation in our shared Residency house with enrolment in the course (subject to availability) or a 10% discount in accommodation with a minimum of 2 nights;

  • 10% early bird discount if you sign up before 24th of May;

  • 3% discount for prompt payment granted;

  • Group meals can also be ordered.