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    4 - 8 People

  • 10h-13h


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    For all those interested in this subject, with or without experience.

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    We offer shared accommodation, subject to availability

Azulejo - tile painting cOURSE

Four days focused on Azulejos – tile painting, one of the most present art in Portuguese craft culture. It’s a unique opportunity to find out about the different techniques and crate your own panel, expression not only of your new knowledge but also of your personal ideas with the help of Cristina and Alberto.

What you will learn:

  • about history and different techniques;

  • tile making;

  • transfer of drawings;

  • Majolica technique;

  • Stamp technique;

  • Light and dark technique;

  • preparation and glazing techniques;

  • firing.

The “azulejo” is one of the icons of Portuguese culture. The word of arabic origin “al-zuleich” means polished stone. The Azulejos (painted tiles), original from the orient, are present in Portugal for five centuries., covering and giving colour in a very singular way  to palaces and churches, stations, public and private houses. Even in contemporary architecture, hand painted azulejos are often used, and Cristina and Alberto from Projecto A2 have made this works as well.

Peter Layton

Cristina Vilarinho Designer and Illustrator
A designer and illustrator and one of the few people who are keeping the knowledge about the various techniques of painting and artisanal production of azulejos alive today. She is a true ambassador for her country’s culture, and her creative work takes a lot of inspiration from Portuguese culture.

Alberto Azevedo Ceramicist
Alberto develops his own work within the areas of Pottery, Ceramic Modeling, Raku and Ceramic Serigraphy since 1997, developing personal projects and partnerships with Design and Architecture studios. With extensive experience as a teacher, he also has years of collaborative work with other potters and ceramicists. Alberto continues his practice as a teacher alongside the signature ceramics project he develops with the ceramicist/designer Cristina Vilarinho - Project A2.



  • Offer of accommodation in our shared Residency house with enrolment in the course (subject to availability) or a 10% discount in accommodation with a minimum of 2 nights;

  • 10% early bird discount if you sign up before March 2nd;

  • 3% discount for prompt payment granted;

  • Group meals can also be ordered.