• Capacity

    8 - 12 People

  • 10h30-12h30


  • Price

    126€ (1 adult + 1 child)

  • Dificulty

    For children and adults with or without experience, all ages are welcome.

  • Additional information

    All materials included. We offer shared accommodation, subject to availability.

Drawing in Nature
for families

A course to develop and enrich your capacity of expression through drawing.

In this course we count on the best teacher ever: NATURE. The forest surrounding Cerdeira, with plenty of light and shade, textures, eye catching marks and lines, will be our studio as well as the beautiful Casa das Artes, rebuilt as example for an ecological approach to traditional architecture.

We will learn:

  • Different drawing techniques;

  • To observe Nature;

  • To find and explore our own way of expression.

In this  two days workshop we will give priority to personal expression, using references and language of arts connected to a direct experience in the surrounding natural environment. Children and adults will explore drawing together, working with different materials and techniques.



Saturday 25th:
“Outdoor drawing”
With pencil and paper we will discover the village and the surrounding nature

“Drawing the thing with the thing”
We will collect materials in the forest to build our own brushes for drawing. New form and different marcs will help us to find a new way of expression

Sunday 26th


 “ A giant herbarium”
The surrounding forest is full of little treasures to collect.
All togethher we create a big size herbarium with one drawing of each participant

Let’s look arround and observe how trees are growing. With just a few rules we will be able to draw them.
Drawing and papercut are the tecnique of the afternoon to create trees leaves and possibly some little animals will join to live in the new habitat.

Peter Layton

Bodil Eide and Paulo Borges
Teaching Artists

Bodil and Paulo have been teaching art together since 2007. They are part of an international community of artists who study with the South African artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (rosenclaire) in Florence, Italy. Bodil received her teacher's training for foundation and advanced courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and contemporary art practice from them.

Between them they have more than 15 years of experience in teaching structured courses in painting, drawing, sculpture and creativity, to an audience of foundation students, visual artists, art teachers, as well as children and youngsters. 



  • Offer of accommodation in our shared Residency house with enrolment in the course (subject to availability) or a 10% discount in accommodation with a minimum of 2 nights;

  • 10% early bird discount if you sign up before 26th of April;

  • 3% discount for prompt payment granted;

  • Group meals can also be ordered.