As a part of the “Lousã Gastronomic Festival”, this is the most delicious encounter between ceramics and gastronomy.

“Combining regional cuisine with art and creativity”. This is the motto for the event that takes place every year along with the Lousã City Hall. In an unusual combination, pottery and regional cuisine take a seat at the table and everyone is invited to join.

From the hands of master ceramists, special pieces are created and fired in our “Sasukenei” smokeless oven, unique in Portugal. The action of the fire in this kind of kiln adds new colors, gray glazes and other effects to the pieces, making each one of them even more unique. The feelings of curiosity and wonder of the participants mark the moment when the oven is opened, where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the new pieces and choose one to take home.

In between pots and pans, renowned chefs are invited to present all visitors with a unique and dining experience. The goal is to highlight the fresh products and traditional dishes of the region but always leaving a "personal imprint" in their creations, bringing creativity and innovation to the table. In the end, the chef’s delicious meal will be served in the ceramic tableware made by our “masters”.

This is the event to give wings to your imagination: everyone is invited to get to work in our creative workshops and many signed art pieces will be “wandering around” the village. From the mastery of ceramics to fine cooking, this is, undoubtedly, an event that will appeal to all of our senses.

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Masters and Chefs - Autumn Flavors

Aliando a gastronomia regional com as suas iguarias frescas e locais à criatividade o Mestre Ceramista Renato Costa e Silva e o Chef Freddy Guerreiro.

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