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    6 - 12 People

  • 10h-13h


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  • Dificulty

    For designers, architects, bookbinders, artists, artisans and paper lovers who want to experiment with the transformation of paper as a way of artistic expression in their work.

  • Additional information

    The course is held in English. We offer shared accommodation, subject to availability

Paper Sculpture Course

Architecture of paper, the transformation of the material,
tridimensionality and movement

A five-day trip accompanied by Josef Albers’s exercises at the Bauhaus, Munari’s travel sculptures, the concrete artwork of Lygia Clark and other artists works.

It is composed of two parts, you choose to do the first or both.

Part 1: “ The paper  fold  as instrument of design and creation”
August 31st  - September 2nd 

During this workshop we will enter the magical world of foldings: from two to three dimensions by folding a single sheet. We will explore the magic of the transformation of material, in this case the paper: starting from the study of its physical properties we will experience different folding techniques in order to use it as a creation and design tool.

Three days to figure out how the fold line affects the sheet of paper and can transform it into a three-dimensional object. Playing to build "new paper architectures" only with the hands; find out how to turn a single sheet of paper into a sculpture.

You will learn:

  • the different shapes of the geometric divisions of paper (angular, linear, diagonal, among others) as a preliminary method to create volumetric surfaces, as well as the different methods for creating them;

  • the folding process with different types of paper and non paper materials;

  • working on the concepts of modular repetition and rhythm;

  • creating volume structures starting from the suggested exercises;

  • making a personal or collective creative project.

Part 2 : “ Fold + cut = three - dimensionality and movement of paper”
September 3rd – 4th

A workshop to explore the use of paper folding and cutting as a tool for creation. Understanding how the bending and carving line affects the sheet is a preliminary exercise necessary to turn it into a three dimensional and moving object.

Two days to know the world of Pop-Up structures,  experiment with paper engineering techniques to provide the participants with the basic elements for the construction of three-dimensional structures, to use for the production of postcards, books or paper sculptures.

You will learn:

  • different ways of pop-up structures, both 180 ° and 90 °;

  • the basics of pop-up structures: composition, construction and movement;

  • about materials best suited to this technique;

  • a variation of geometric parameters vs. variation of movements;

  • understand the relationship between the bending line and the cutting line;

  • structures with: parallel and converging folds, generations, cross-levels and circular elements;

  • use of repetition as a constructive element;

  • the use of cutting and bending tools;

  • binding systems for pop-up structures.

Full course (all 5 days): 480€

Peter Layton

Dário Zeruto

Born in Havana/Cuba, graduates as Mecanics Engineer from Instituto Superior Técnico de Havana, he lives and works in Barcelona and Milano.

As a young man he starts learning about natural fibers, specially during an internship with indigenous women in Suriki island /Bolívia about textiles.

Since that, he developed artistic work where he brings together textile/fiber techniques and engineering to create paper sculptures and object-books. With exhibitions all around Europe, he likes to share his knowledge in courses and workshops and we are happy to welcome him for the first time in Cerdeira in 2019.



  • The course is held in English;

  • Offer of accommodation in our shared Residency house with enrolment in the course (subject to availability) or a 10% discount in accommodation with a minimum of 2 nights;

  • 10% early bird discount if you sign up before 31st of May;

  • 3% discount for prompt payment granted;

  • Group meals can also be ordered.