Colquida, Ltd, based at the address Cerdeira, 3200-509 Lousã with the postal code 510307302, is fully committed to respecting the privacy of the users of the site www.cerdeirahomeforcreativity.com. For this reason, it has put together the following Terms of Privacy to inform you about how the site works, and how your personal information is treated.

1) Information gathered

Colquida, Ltd, collects two types of information: personal information and anonymous information. The anonymous information is collected whilst the user is on the site, and is aimed at improving the site, including the management and prioritisation of content. Personal information is provided voluntarily by the user when making a reservation or filling out forms.

When you visit our site and subscribe to any of the available features, we need to collect a bit of personal information so that we can give you the information or clarification that you have requested.

We do not collect personal information that could identify you without your consent. In this way, we can collect and store information that you have voluntarily given including, but not limited to, individualised personal information like name, address, email address and telephone number.

Under the terms of the law, the owners of the personal information have the right to access, freely and without restriction, confirm, alter, remove or block the information they have provided, being able to access this right, both in person or in writing, at the address that the company has provided, at any time, under the terms laid out in Law no. 67/68, on the 26th October.

Those under the age of 18 should obtain the permission of their parents or guardians before sharing personal information on the site.

All of the information collected are processed automatically, and information sent by users is encrypted and managed securely.

2) Responsibility

The collection of personal information on the site is entirely the responsibility of Colquida, Lda, who is committed to not passing on personal information of site users to third parties without their express permission. Colquida Ltd does not take responsibility for any content accessed through any hyperlink which takes the user out of the domain of www.cerdeirahomeforcreativity.com , as these links are the responsibility of third parties.

3) Database violation

The violation or attempted violation of databases gained through the site will lead to the opening of a judicial process against the offender(s).

4) Updates/Maintenance of personal information

By using the site, the reader agrees to provide their information and keep it updated and accurate.

Colquida Ltd will keep the information/data of users for the necessary period of time, unless instructed to the contrary.

You can access your personal information, get a copy and/or update or remove them, under the terms of the law, by writing to us at Lugar da Cerdeira, 3200-509 Lousã, or via email at reservas@cerdeirahomeforcreativity.com.

5) Cookies policy

Colquida Ltd uses cookies to improve the user’s experience. Any internet browser will ask you to accept, reject or turn off cookies. If you opt to turn off cookies, some services on our site will no longer working, affecting your navigational experience whilst on the site.

Cookies are short text files which contain relevant information that your browser processes when you visit a site. Using cookies lets a site recognise the device (tablet, desktop, mobile, etc.) of a user that often visits us.

The cookies we use do not collect information that identifies the user. Cookies collect generic information, like the way in which visitors find and use websites, and the area of the country or countries from which they visit the website, etc.

Cookies only store information relevant to your preferences. At any moment the user can, through their internet browser, decide to be notified about the use of cookies, as well as block them.

So that your navigating experience is optimised, we recommend that you do not deactivate cookies, as they increase the speed of browsing.

6) Final Considerations

Colquida Ltd reserves the right to change the contents of this page, so we recommend you visit it frequently. We assume that all users are conscious of this policy when navigating www.cerdeirahomeforcreativity.com.