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Saint Martin’s Day at CERDEIRA

November is here, which also means a few other things: Autumn, rain, bare trees and, of course, the smell of roasted chestnuts by the fire!

At Cerdeira, we like to celebrate the good things in life with a table full of small delicacies, so we’re highlighting this special date again in our village.

The legend goes like this: Martin, a roman soldier, saw a beggar exposed to the freezing cold, so he decided to cut his cloak in two to share with the man, saving his life. Because of this, Martin has become a symbol of good-will and generosity and is a patron to the poor.

As tradition demands, on November 9th, roasted chestnuts will be served along with “Jeropiga” (a local sweet liquor), a good wine and delicious chestnut cakes.

Everyone is invited to share this day with us, in a cozy and friendly atmosphere!



  • For €6, you get a plate with 24 chestnuts and 2 glasses of Jeropiga liquor.

  • Tables for groups can be booked.