Sasukenei, our unique smokeless kiln

Did you know that Cerdeira has a special type of oven for ceramics, completely unique in Portugal?

Our "Sasukenei" kiln oven produces no smoke and reduces cooking times, so besides giving life to fantastic and original pieces of art, it avoids environmental pollution and the excessive use of firewood.

Why use a wood oven to bake ceramics these days?

In recent years, this ancient technique has gained an increasing importance in contemporary ceramics, for the beauty of its pieces, the dramatic glazed effects and the challenge of working with fire in such an ancient and complex technology.

With the construction of this wood-fired oven, Portuguese and international potters have available an equipment that allows them, with a reduced consumption of firewood, to bake their pieces in just 36 hours, achieving impressive effects on ceramics that are usually only possible to achieve with a baking time of six or more days.

In 2015, the Sasukenei's construction project in Cerdeira was led by Japanese ceramist Sensei Masakazu Kusakabe, one of the biggest references in the ceramics world and in the construction of this type of kiln.

Sofia Rosa