We’re going green(er) at Cerdeira

This year, we take a step forward for the environment: the Village of Cerdeira has just received the Ecolabel seal, EU’s environment-friendly certification.

We’re aware that people are increasingly choosing sustainable products in their day-to day life. That’s why the European Union had created the Eco label certification, a eco-friendly seal that assures the european consumers that the products or services they’re buying have a low environmental impact while meeting with the highest quality standards.

It’s with great pride that we announce that Cerdeira had received this award, being one of the first (and also the smallest!) hotels in Portugal to get this certification. For that to happen, we had to comply with very strict criteria and we keep working every day to meet and overcome our environmental goals.



We choose what’s local

Ever since the beginning of this journey of rebuilding the village, we committed ourselves to undertake a responsible project. Preserving the local culture and developing the region’s economy is one of our major goals.

Our schist houses were built by local workers that, thanks to the project, had the opportunity to specialize themselves in traditional and sustainable techniques of construction. We always seek to use local materials and suppliers for all our building work, furniture and also the pottery and tapestries that are inside our houses.

At meal time, our visitors can count on a breakfast prepared with the best local ingredients. The yummy cakes that keep popping out of the oven are also made with seasonal fruit from here.

We said “bye-bye” to disposable items and harmful chemicals

From the shampoos and soaps we offer our guests, to the detergents we use for cleaning the houses: all of them are organic and don’t harm our planet. We also stopped using disposable packaging, replacing them with dispencers or reusable bags. We also started to compost all our organic waste to reduce the amount of trash we make.

We produce as much energy energy as we can (and use as little as possible)

Every detail counts here: from choosing our lamps to the energetic efficiency of our houses and their appliances. Our village even produces their own electricity through solar panels. In the future, we want be 100% self-powered!

We trust in our visitors

We always remind our visitors that they can also make a difference. You can choose to reuse your towels and bed sheets as much as possible; separate and recycle your waste (we have containers intended for that) and choose to turn off any unnecessary devices while you’re out of the house, such as the air-con and turning off the lights.

This is how we have been encoraging a responsible and tourism in the region, in terms of environment, culture and economy. We want to preserve and safeguard Cerdeira for many years to come. Achieving this ecological certification serve as proof of our continuous effort on behalf of the region’s sustainability. We promise to continue this work, with our eyes set on the future.

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