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Arts and Crafts school

Cerdeira Arts and Crafts School's main mission is to be a space for teaching traditional techniques that result from timeless lines and, at the same time, a space
for creativity and art to coexist with a contemporary twist.

We have a workshop offer of only a day or two, so you can stay for a weekend and try something you've wanted to do for a long time.

The longer courses (5-8 days), for people with or without experience in the field, allow greater technical advances. Immerse yourself in creative work and take home the finished result.

If you are a professional artist, our classes offer a rich environment dedicated to real skills, rooted in tradition, and a space for your creativity to grow.

Our trainers are Portuguese and foreign professional artists with a special affection for Cerdeira, specialists in their field who are happy to share their knowledge with those who are looking for our courses.

Christina Aiko
Cerdeira is specially dedicated to ceramics with a fully equipped workshop and one of the few smokeless wood fired kilns in Europe. Professional ceramicists visit Cerdeira throughout the year for workshops, events and exhibitions.
Donald Price
Wood has been at the very heart of the life of Cerdeira from it's beginning. The space lends itself to the teaching and practicing of traditional and contemporary woodworking.
Janet Dominga
Visual Arts
The visual arts thrive in the play between the studio and the surrounding nature. Our immersive courses will refine your perception and transform your skills.
Emily Riccardo
Other Techniques
From writing to textiles, there are many ways of thinking creatively. Cerdeira welcomes all these knowledges where technique and material find the time and silence necessary for learning to happen.





Ceramic Sculpture and wood firing
Renato Costa e Silva shares his vast knowledge about sculpture and ceramics with us.



Ceramic workshop for families
Mugs, small plates, small sculptures or Christmas cribs. We will guide through the whole process.



"FAZ com as tuas próprias" is a project of the designer Mariana Costa e Silva who designs furniture that is simple to make and good to use.



Christmas sweets workshop
Learn to make traditional Christmas goodies with a modern touch using our secret family recipes. Lets use simple and organic ingredients!



Make Your Own Chair
You will learn to make a chair using your hands to give shape to your own ideas. The seat, legs and back will be made with freshly cut wood from the forest that surrounds Cerdeira.