What makes you an artist in today's world?

When the word artist comes up, we all picture a painter with a moustache, a french beret and and a cigarette in his mouth. But what does it mean to be an artist these days?


We often relate art to areas such as painting, sculpture, crafts, dance, music, theater, cinema ...

But does one have to master one of these talents to be an artist? Or is there art beyond the seven trades?

The concept of artist is not only constantly changing, but varies with one's opinion. At the same time, many professions have been recreated and readjusted over the years, giving rise to new occupations that often result from a fusion between two worlds.

We talking about the work that happens in the kitchen, for example. Gone are the days when chefs just had to think about the recipe they were going to follow. Taste may be the focal point, but it is no longer enough. The plating, the colors, the textures, and the tableare where the food is served determine the success or failure of the “pieces” that is created.

To the most conservative, it may seem odd to compare a Renaissance painting with an author's dessert, but they do have many similarities.

This is the case of Freddy Guerreiro, who graduated from the prestigious Institute Culinary Education in New York, and is known in Portugal for his participation in the television program "Top Chef". Being a true self-taught, he has traveled to the great capitals of world cuisine and passed by renowned cuisines, which made him a reference chef in Portugal. Nowadays, he is known not only for its excellent cuisine, but also for its original creations and creative presentations and dishes.


The chef himself said that he is already “very proud” of creating dishes that people like, so “creating the dish where food is laid on” or even “creating the ingredients for his recipes” would be an incredibly rewarding experience for him.

Through his work and the way he delivers his projects, it's easy to see that Freddy is someone who enjoys to:

  • CREATE something new. It is not limited to refining and changing the form of what already exists.

  • SEE reality with a "new" pair of eyes.

  • SHOW what you think and feel through a form of expression of your choice.

  • SURPRISE through original and creative creations that are made with the heart.

Is this not the definition of a modern artist?

Perhaps this is the best way to differentiate a cook from a chef. The cook creates dishes, but the chef creates art.

From October 19th to 27th, Freddy will be in Cerdeira among other artists to prepare a special surprise. During the event “From Masters and Chefs”, the chef will present all visitors with one of his delicious creations that promises to delight all of your senses.

Sofia Rosa